Take control with renewable energy

Regional RHI Installer of the Year 2015 (East Midlands)

Green Deal & Eco Awards, incorporting RHI & Energy Efficiency


Our purpose: to provide a viable alternative to fossil fuels and help you take control of your energy


having or showing knowledge of events before they take place.

We don't proclaim to have a sixth sense, and you don't need to be prescient to see where fossil fuels prices are going.  But it pays to be resilient, it pays to have an alternative and it pays to be in control of a huge cost to businesses and consumers alike.

We are renewable energy consutlants and installers for all major renewable energy technologies: solar panelsbiomass boilers, wind turbineshydro electric, heat pumpsand solar thermal.


We use renewable technologies to help you save money, make money, reduce carbon emissions and become resilient against a changing an uncertain climate.

Qualified engineerson every project for sound planning, system design and construction.

Experienced project managersdelivering projects above expectations, on time, on budget and with minimum disruption.

MCS accredited installersso you can be sure that your installation is guaranteed, contains the highest level of workmanship and is eligible for incentives.  

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Own a country or historic house, listed property or estate?  Manage a farm or rural business?

We are experienced in assessing your requirements and developing a solution that meets your individual needs.  More information on the range of options that may be appropriate for you are on our commercial pages, simply follow the link below or contact us for a straightforward chat on how renewable energy might additionally transform your cash flow into an income.