As technology advances, sash windows have too, and now there are some windows that really will reduce the power consumption in your property massively. These sash windows are normally double or triple glazed and in in his article we are going to go through all of the brilliant energy saving sash window styles and types of glazing that will make a difference to your home.

Double glazing sash windows that reduce power consumption

Double glazed sash windows work to reduce power consumption and save energy by having two panes of glass rather than 1. Because there’s an air space between the two panes it stops the travel of a cold air which will make your home that much warmer. This results in not having to turn the heating on so quickly, and hence the power consumption reduction.

Double glazing also has the added benefit of being more secure. This is as a result of the technology advancing toughened glass that’s available these days that is relatively cheaper price. This toughened glass has an indirect effect on the overall heat loss because you’re much less likely to open your windows knowing that you’re already safe when they’re fully closed.

What about triple glazing sash windows?

Triple glazed sash windows worth much in the same way as double glazed sash windows except from they’re far more energy-efficient. This is because rather than two panes of glass they’re simply three panes of glass. It’s actually possible to this only still one airspace however, this is because normally two panes of glass rashleigh laminated together and this is effectively the three panes of glass that’s in discussion. This type of glazing actually is also not just thermally efficient, it’s actually well known to be acoustically good too. In fact, a lot of the most efficient sash windows actually have acoustic laminate glazing as well.

These are pretty common sash windows, and are actually installed by most normal sash window companies. London for example, has literally hundreds of companies that install triple glazed sash windows. Most of them offer sash window repair, double glazed sash windows, and triple glazing as standard.

Draught proofing your original sash windows can be pretty effective at reducing energy lost too.

Don’t think for one second you need to entirely replace your windows to make them energy efficient. You could actually work with your original sash windows and if they’re drafty and Gabi than that means that you could actually install a draught proofing system that will really improve their efficiency. It’s amazing to know that there’s plenty of companies out there that will install these comprehensive systems and are actually well known to work very very well indeed. If you take a look at Energy Saving Trust. They’ll quite clearly let you know that you can save around £25 for windows per year draught proof.

Draught proofing

In conclusion to energy-saving sash windows.

Do something about your sash windows today, there’s no reason that you need to live with poor quality sash windows that are not protecting the home very well at all. Power consumption is a big deal with the price of electric and gas continuing to rise, so make sure that you taking advantage of the modern technology the sash windows have to offer. It doesn’t matter if you can only a for double glazing or just a draught roofing system, they will definitely improve the ambiance of your home and the net result will be that you save money as well as reduced power consumption overall.

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