Carl Benfield

Managing Director

Carl has a BEng and MSc in Engineering and holds IMechE chartership. His military background is heavily management and engineering focused which enabled him to transfer easily into the civilian arena, taking on the role of Commercial Director in another renewable energy company before leaving to establish his own business in 2009, Prescient Power.

Rory Underwood

Non-Executive Director

Most well-known for his 85-cap, 49-try international rugby career, Rory also served as a jet pilot in the RAF, and he now brings the same level of professionalism and discipline to the world of business. Rory has been with Prescient Power since March 2012, bringing a dynamic, can-do approach to support the Prescient Power team.

Rebecca Benfield

Operations Director

A graduate in modern languages and a post graduate from Cambridge, Rebecca also has Project Management and Site Safety qualifications and is well placed to manage our programme, deal with international suppliers, as well as educate employees and subcontractors when required.

Lynda Wardle

Business Development Manager

Lynda has an extensive background in business development work, previously with Dassault Systems. She brings great clarity to our tactical marketing outreach and has a gift for identifying the clients we are most likely to be able to help.

Mandy Whitlock

Business Development Manager

Mandy has a strong track record in client engagement and outreach having previously worked at Dassault Systems. She has an uncanny ability to re-frame the potential client's situation in a way that makes sense of our offer.

Sarah Phillips

Social marketing

Sarah is a successful business woman in her own right, having developed product for "Not on the High Street". Having recently sold her business, we snapped her up to bring focus and direction to our social outreach. In particular, Sarah co-ordinates the Twentisphere programme.

Stephen Done

Sales Manager

Stephen has a long background in business consultancy and analysis. He keeps on top of a very complex market, tracking time spent on each part of the sales process so that we know where to apply most effort, thus ultimately ensuring that our clients get best value.

Matthew Rose

Renewable Solutions Consultant

Matthew joined the team in 2014 with an MSc in Renewable Energy from the Centre for Alternative Energy. He is also a member of the Energy Institute. Having re-trained after a 20-year career in media and television, Matthew applies a diverse skill set to ensure clients receive optimum financial return with the appropriate renewable technologies.

Tim George

Renewable Solutions Consultant

Tim joined the team in 2016 having worked for a number of renewable energy companies. Tim's no-pressure, relational approach to sales is particular suited to our rural clients who quickly realise he has a background in both farming and horse racing.

John Howes

Project Engineer

John's long career as a heating engineer provides a superb backdrop to his 7-year long experience of renewable energy. Never flustered by difficult challenges, John has a knack of finding a solution to even the most difficult of design challenges.

Serban Alexandriuc

Design Engineer

Serban has a distinguished background as a chartered engineer within the oil industry. Having seen the light, he transferred his considerable skills to renewables and works across a number of key areas to ensure our designs a efficient, functional and clear.

Ashley Kemp

Electrical Engineer

Ashley has a very varied experience in electrical installations including instructing at Derby College. His holsitic approach to the situation is particularly useful as most of our work is retrofit and can require more complex integration with existing systems.

David Greening

Maintenance Manager

David has a broad electrical and mechanical background with experience in diesel and gas generators, steam turbines ,biomass and bio gas CHP power plants, compressors, pumps ,nitrogen generators and large gas engine power plants. Can he fix it? Yes he can!

Andrew Holland

Installation technician

Kevin Turton

Installation Technician


Office Dog

A vital member of our Team, Mirembe (from the Ugandan word Emirembe meaning peace), maintains calm and serenity when things get a little hectic. Blessed with a lot of love, but not a lot of brains, his sense of contentment with just a good walk and a healthy meal is a lesson to us all.

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