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We chose Prescient Power to install our community energy projects because they have an excellent reputation for service, as well as offering us the best value quotation. We are absolutely delighted to have made that choice. The whole team have been highly interactive, happily answering our questions and providing supporting evidence for their recommended solutions. They understand the difficulties faced by our type of organisation and continue to work with us to achieve really successful results.
We like the Prescient Power ethos and their way of working. It is a close match for the community energy concept, and we are very happy to recommend them accordingly.

Your objective presentation of which technology and methods are out there to do things in a more sustainable and lower impact way was spot on. We are now using some of the knowledge that you shared with us to inform how we approach power usage and design on operations.

We chose Prescient Power because of their innovative approach, their strong project management skills and their careful method to working in environmentally and historically delicate sites. Their array designs gave us highly efficient systems with large outputs, ensuring that we made the most out of this investment.

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