• Energy Monitoring for Business

    Ever had an energy survey?
    Ever wondered what happened to it?

If you can't measure it
You can't manage it

Most of our commercial clients wonder how they should best tackle their energy needs. Few understand their figures if they can access them at all and this leads to confusion.  There are innumerable energy saving options to choose from with so many experts offering conflicting advice.

Much as it pains us to say it, for most clients, energy monitoring is just, well, boring.  They are focussed on their real job – manufacturing, farming, teaching, trading.  Energy is the essential, but essentially dull commodity that allows it all to happen.

So whilst we may evangelical about reducing carbon emissions, we really do understand that not everyone shares our zeal.  However everyone can share the benefit of the experience we have acquired on the journey.

Just as you wouldn’t buy a machine without planning a maintenance programme, why would you buy energy without having a management and reduction programme?

Energy Coach
Your guide on the side

So we created Energycoach, a combined metering and mentoring package as one our services to help you become more competitive by:

  • Providing real-time, accurate data across all utility services using a state of the art energy monitoring package
  • Giving relevant access to your individual cost-centre managers
  • Identifying operational and technological efficiencies
  • Giving you a quarterly targeting and review session
  • Zero capital cost and continual flexibility on service level provision
Energy monitoring saving

The Detail

Most of our clients do not have dedicated energy managers, and those that do have many time constraints.

With EnergyCoach, we fit an energy monitoring package that provide REAL TIME data which can be monitored by you, and any number of your team, allowing you to create energy champions and awareness of issues at all levels of your organisation. This package can comprise an electricity meter, gas meter, water meter, temperature sensors really anything that can be measured

On a quarterly basis, one of our coaches will conduct an assessment of your consumption, alerting you to specific concerns and potential solutions.

Having a real grasp of our numbers will not only reduce costs through operational changes, it will give you the confidence to make future decisions.

Perhaps you think that voltage optimisation might help? EnergyCoach will tell you.

Maybe you were tempted by battery storage?  EnergyCoach will give you a clear understanding of how much you need and what the ROI will be.

Our straightforward pricing plan means you pay a basic rate per month, plus a small extra sum for each parameter you wish to monitor. The energy monitoring software is incredibly easy to use – we just help you understand the best way to interpret the data.

Our guarantee is that at the very least, you will save on the cost of the service in the first year provided that you work with the coach and agree goals.  The likelihood is that you will actually save between 10 and 30% of your current energy bills.


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