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What is community energy?

Community energy is a simple but brilliant concept; a local community comes together to generate their own renewable energy and achieve 3 basic goals:
  • generate a financial return
  • reduce their carbon footprint
  • deliver real social benefit to the whole community
Traditionally, the big 6 energy companies have generated the nation’s energy, predominantly from fossil fuels, and have charged varying rates and tariffs for this energy, energy prices have been steadily climbing for decades and this trend looks set to continue. Generating your own energy through renewable means breaks this trend and gives you the control.
Community energy enables local groups to generate their own energy within their community, from renewable methods. The financial savings and incentives supplied by Government are then ploughed back into the local community; be it leisure centres, schools and facilities for young people, community centres or support groups for the vulnerable or elderly – the options are endless.
Currently, community energy only makes up 0.3% of renewable generation in the UK, but with a huge potential for growth (the figure is 46% in Germany) and the policy tide turning in a favourable direction for communities, there is a massive opportunity here for change.

Who can do it?

It’s community energy, so anyone can start a project and everyone can get involved:
  •  A community group ready to make a change, or with a requirement for funding. This could be a church, school or community centre worried about fuel prices, or a group of individuals wanting to reduce the carbon footprint of their area and bring the community together.
  • Local businesses can offer funding and support and can host renewable technology on sites they own in return for cheaper energy.
  • Local people can help organise the project, raise funds, buy shares and enjoy the many community benefits.

What are the benefits of community energy?

There are many benefits, the main ones being:

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Profit which can be invested back into the community
  • Financial return for investors and shareholders
  • Social benefit and community cohesion
  • Reduction in carbon footprint

How can we help?

We will:

  • provide helpful advice and guidance on starting your community energy project
  • provide expert design and consultancy on renewable technology that best suits your site
  • install the system that ensures best social and financial payback
  • maintain the system

All this from a team of chartered engineers, experienced project managers, expert designers and MCS accredited installers.

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