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With increasing oil and gas prices, school, college and university energy bills are making a bigger proportion of running costs.  Are they starting to affect your running costs?  You’re not alone and that’s why many are looking at renewable energy as a solution.

The benefits of renewable energy schools, colleges and universities are many – from saving money on energy bills, and making money from government schemes, to reducing your carbon footprint, and visibly demonstrating a sustainable agenda.

Whether it be to generate your own electricity with solar panels or wind turbines, or to generate heat withbiomass boilers or heat pumps, there is a solution for you.

Prescient Power understand the issues that you might face, our team even includes a STEM Ambassador and two qualified teachers and our installation team is CRB-cleared. We use our engineering and educational backgrounds to ensure you have both the best technical system, as well as maximise the learning opportunity for your students.

For schools, a renewable energy installation can be a whole school experience: from allowing parents to buy shares in the system, to serving as a focus point for lessons across curricula.

For universities, renewable energy can cut high energy bills dramatically, as well as motivate a more sustainable mindset for students as they move forward into their future careers.

Contact us to find out more, or read on to learn more about generating your own heat or electricity.  If you already know which technology you’d like more details on, click on the logo on the right.


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