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Managing a public sector organisation is no easy task. When you’re working with many different stakeholders all striving for many goals, managing your energy bills may not be a top priority. But with spending cutbacks and an increasing requirement to be seen as green, there is a compelling case for considering renewable energy as a long-term sustainable solution for lower bills, additional income and green credentials.

Public sector organisations are in a fantastic position to be able to maximise the benefits of renewable energy, and many already have. From providing sustainable heat for swimming pools with biomass boilers, to cost effective solutions for public housing with heat pumps; as well as generating electricity for government offices and hospitals with solar panels; many organisations are already improving their impact on the environment, and their finances.

With the UK government aiming to have 15% of the UK energy demand met through renewable energy solutions by 2020, local governments and public sector organisations have a responsibility to be leaders in this journey.

At Prescient Power, we develop cost-effective solutions to match the specific financial, technical and environmental needs of each and every project. Ranging from carbon trading schemes to installations across whole school groups and leisure centres, we are well-equipped to find the best solution for you.

Contact us to find out how renewables can benefit you, or read more about generating your own heat and electricity.

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