• Hargate Hall

    Bringing multiple commercial benefits to a stunning venue



150kW Froling biomass boiler


Financial benefit

£22,000 annually


Energy generated

230,100 kWh annually


CO2 reduction

60.9 tonnes annually

What the client wanted

At the time our client, the owner of Hargate Hall approached us, he was in the process of renovating this stunning venue set in the heart of the Peak District.

Having recently purchased the property, the heating system required upgrading from a mix of wet radiators and electric convectors to something more holistic.

The client was concerned that the temperature of the house did not convey warmth and welcome to prospective guests.

The challenges

To minimise any visual impact, we were required to position the boiler and fuel store within the cellar.  Access was severely restricted, requiring the boiler to be lowered by crane into a narrow shaft and then moved horizontally into position.

Integration with the ageing heating system whilst minimising costs needed some clever design work to ensure that the whole property could receive even, comfortable heat into every part of its many rooms.

The end result

The boiler was installed on time and budget, providing the client not only with a radically improved and comprehensive heating system, but also with a huge annual benefit to help secure the future of the business.

Our client immediately noticed the difference when showing prospective guests around a few weeks later, citing the fact that bookings showed an instant improvement.

Our clients, Anthony and Julie Knox said:

When we bought Hargate Hall in 2006, the heating was a mixture of oil and electric. In the first year, we used 18,500 litres of heating oil and 72,000 kWh electricity. A total of 257,000 kWh and 79.4 tonnes of CO2. Despite this, the building was always cold in the winter – we had to wear coats when cleaning. Being this cold wasn’t very helpful, when it came to showing wedding couples around – “Does it warm up?” was probably the most asked question! We did all the basic jobs, like loft and pipe insulation, added secondary glazing where practical – and this helped, but did not solve the overall issue.

I then looked at solar, GSHP and biomass. After going around in circles and finding it really hard to make a decision, I approached Prescient Power. Things then really took off. Designs were drawn, specifications agreed and  as soon as finance was in place, orders were placed and work began. There were a lot of challenges, such as working in a basement with a big hole in the wall, in the middle of a Peak District winter. It all quickly took shape and the work did not interrupt the weddings, parties and holidays that we had going on at the same time.

From the moment of the big switch on, the situation immediately changed. Over the last 12 months, we have used 210,000 kWh biomass heat and 59,000 kWh electricity – a total of 269,000 kWh heat and 24.3 tonnes CO2, but within that time, turnover has trebled. One of the notable results, appears to be that by maintaining a constant comfortable heat level , we actually use less energy than allowing the building to heat up then cool down continuously.

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