• Peterborough Town Hall

    An innovative technology for a precious building



50kW Solar PV using Solyndra tubular system


Financial benefit

£7,200 annually


Energy generated

35,000 kWh annually


CO2 reduction

16,500 kg annually

What the client wanted

The client, Peterborough Town Council, were keen to embrace renewable technology and saw the Town Hall as a natural exemplar project to demonstrate their commitment.

Whilst keen to deploy solar PV, they were also wary of fixing systems to the metal roofing system hidden within the stonework of this iconic building.

The challenges

The main challenges with both projects were logistical due to the height and busy location of each site, which remained open to the public throughout.  Health and Safety was, as always, of prime concern and our installers undertook specialist equipment training prior to the installation.

Coordination was tightly controlled through effective liaison with other contractors working on site to ensure that key dates were met.  Deliveries were sequenced to minimise disruption to the public and operational capability of the sites.

The site utilised a lifting method to safely deliver the panels to the rooftop.  At the Town Hall we employed a specialist furniture hoist to lift part pallets to the roof.

The end result

The installation at Peterborough used self-ballasting Solyndra PV panels on top of a white roof to maximise the collection of reflective light.  

The installation was successfully completed under 1 week and provides  over 35MWh per year of energy.


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